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Prospects of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings

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Ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings have many excellent properties, such as self-lubricating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, antimagnetic, electrical insulation, etc., which need to be developed and utilized in a wider field, and the potential application field is very huge. High quality high-speed ceramic ball bearing: it can well serve the domestic machine tool industry. The bearing consumption of high-speed, high-precision spindle and motorized spindle is quite large. It is estimated that the annual demand is more than several hundred thousand sets. However, high precision machine tool spindle bearings require relatively high machining accuracy and high quality. For example, P4 bearings require high-precision ceramic balls above G5. At present, there are few domestic manufacturers that can produce them, and the stability of the products is also poor. Second: medium quality ceramic bearings can be widely and well used in petroleum exploration, crude oil smelting, especially in fine chemical industry, chemical fiber, new energy, printing and dyeing, electroplating industry, sewage treatment, marine development, deep water pump, acid-base pump, high temperature, vacuum, nuclear magnetic resonance, electrical insulation, medicine and health, X-ray tube and food industry. Many bearings only require general accuracy level; medium and low speed and load; they are required to be resistant to certain concentration of acid, alkali and salt corrosion; they are resistant to high temperature of 300 ~ 400 ℃; they are non-magnetic, electric and non-toxic; they can be used in oil-free or self lubrication by working medium; they can also be used in seawater. Bearings used in these fields account for a very large proportion of special bearings, and ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings are fully capable of replacing, and can achieve the work that metal bearings are barely competent or incompetent. Engineering ceramics has its irreplaceable position. With such a huge market as the premise, we can create a new way in product development and manufacturing, to broaden the application field of ceramic bearings. So that new materials, new processes, new technologies to better serve the production.

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