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What are the classification of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings?

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By material: ceramic bearings can be divided into zirconia ceramic bearings, silicon nitride ceramic bearings, composite ceramic bearings

According to the structure: ceramic bearing can be divided into: zirconia ceramic bearing with retainer, silicon nitride ceramic bearing with retainer, composite ceramic bearing with retainer. General ceramic bearing retainer material to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as a standard configuration, can also use glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (grpa66-25), special engineering plastics (PEEK, PI), stainless steel (SUS316, SUS304), brass (Cu), etc. Ceramic cages are rarely used due to the problems of pocket processing and forming technology; due to the material limitations of cages, zirconia full ball ceramic bearings without cages, silicon nitride full ball ceramic bearings and composite full ball ceramic bearings are developed for special applications.

According to the integrity of materials: the main components of the ceramic bearing mentioned above, the inner and outer rings and rolling elements are mostly made of ceramic materials, which is defined as ceramic bearing; if the inner and outer rings and rolling elements of the bearing are not made of ceramic materials, we define them as mixed ceramic bearing. The ball is widely used in hybrid ceramic bearing, which is called ceramic ball bearing by using ceramic materials. It can be divided into zirconia ceramic ball bearing and silicon nitride ceramic ball bearing.

Different materials and different structures of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings need to pay attention to different problems in use. For details, please refer to the website of ceramic bearing and ceramic ball bearing manufacturer: www.hi- cera.com Get more help.

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